Iurie Rosca
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L'Institut Européen des Relations Internationales témoigne de sa reconnaissance à Mr Iurie Rosca, journaliste, éditeur, pour l'autorisation à reprendre la publication de son essai au titre "If Mr Dugin is demonized by "The Washington Post, that means he's right", paru le 26 avril 2019 sur "www.geopolitica.ru" (N.d.R)


It is well known that the ”Washington Post” is one of the most important tentacles of the octopus called mainstream or corporate media which is at the service of the great capital, of globalism that undermines the sovereignty of all states, causes huge economic discrepancies, poverty, misery and suffering everywhere.  But in the last few years the dominant media has lost a lot of its credibility. And this, first of all, thanks to the honest intellectuals who criticize the System of the new kind of devastating imperialism that seriously affects all peoples of the world. In the last twenty years, among the world's most influential scholars who present a profound, complex and coherent analysis of the spiritual, cultural, political and economic essence of financial capitalism, neoliberalism, the West's civilization exclusivity, which pretend to be the superior and obligatory model for the rest of the world is the Russian conservative philosopher Aleksandr Dugin. His books are translated  and published regularly in many countries, his presence at various international conferences has an enormous impact. His notoriety has become so great on a global scale that liberal virus promoters, corporate media propagandists can no longer ignore him. And the following article is a suplimentary argument in that sense:https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/2019/04/16/why-far-right-nationalists-like-steve-bannon-have-embraced-russian-ideologue/?utm_term=.6147b92392ee

A first remark about this article is that in fact the authors try to defame US political strategist Steve Bannon, but devoted almost all of the text to Dugin's denigration. Or, more precisely, Bannon's association with Dugin should be compromising for the one who, as the author of the article claims, would be inspired by the books of the Russian thinker. That is why Dugin's demonization has become a priority for the servants of the System. In this sense, Dugin's ideological opponents have some success. Their purpose is not just a banal disinformation of the public by using all the denigratory terms of the religion of political correctness. 

One of the basic targets of the attacks against him, along with the clear intention of compromising the person and hence of his thinking, is the intimidation, ostracizing and defamation of all intellectuals who meet or even intend to cooperate with him. Thus, a few years ago in Romania was published a so-called Dugin list, which included writers, scholars, journalists and other well-known intellectuals with whom he had met during his visits to this country. Then a real witch-hunt took place, the mainstream media terrorizing those people, asking them for explanations and especially to publicly dissociate themselves from the relationship with the Russian philosopher.  The intimidation force of such a campaign was so strong that some hesitated, was forced to give incoherent explanations, and to justify that they had nothing in common with Dugin's ideas.

But why is this article published just now? There would be some explanations in this regard. First, because Steve Bannon has repeatedly declared that he is determined to give his full support to sovereignist, patriotic and eurosceptic political forces. His close relationship with Viktor Orban, Matteo Salvini and Marine Le Pen as well as his intention to contribute to the victory of the new vave of populist poltical forces in the European Parliament elections raises concerns in the camp of global players such as Soros, whom Bannon defeats directly. Then, several major political events in recent years have created panic in the camp of globalists. Trump's success at the last presidential election in the US (largely thanks to Bannon), the Brexit, the creation ruling coalition between two apparently incompatible parties in Italy, opposition from the Visegrad group countries to Brussels, the movement of the Yellow vests in France, the rise of AfD in Germany etc. show that the project of a unipolar world under the dictate of American imperialism is about to collapse. At the same time, the presence of Russia in Syria, her co-operation with China, Iran, and even with Turkey, its co-operation with Venezuela's legal government weakens even more American hegemony. In this sense, the Multipolar World Theory, conceptualized by Dugin is increasingly shared by many countries of the world.

Dugin became the number one enemy of globalists not only because of his exceptional ability to theorize the great challenges of our time. He is not just a scholar who writes his books and remains isolated from the great public debates. Dugin as a public figure is the one who scandalize and disturb istablishment who has been accustomed for decades to arrogantly exercise his monopoly on the truth. His merit lies equally in the exemplary assumption of the role of a militant with a dynamic presence in the capitals of different countries with a colossal impact. But the most serious crime of the Russian political philosopher before the masters of the dominant discourse is that he is a profoundly religious man who confesses openly his Orthodox faith. In a world of aggressive hyperliberalism, in which secularism has become a state religion, confessing your Christian faith has become an unacceptable attitude. 

That's why the statement which is repeated in this article that Dugin is ”The Most Dangerous Philosopher in the World” for his influence of world politics” is the greatest compliment to him, a true title of glory. But for who is the Russian thinker dangerous? For the system of market fundamentalism, for international law violators who practice criminal military aggression against sovereign countries? For the promoters of the apocalyptic project of transhumanism? For the apostles of the culture of death, of consumerism, of mass subcultures, of the destruction of civilizations, countries and peoples through the direct aggression and economic neo-colonialism? In this respect, Dughin's detractors' statement is a totally true one, to which we enthusiastically subscribe. 

Dugin is admired by normal men who have preserved their mental integrity and discernment for the same reasons why they are denied by liberals who represent the last stage of spiritual blindness and moral degradation. He is a follower and a theorist of Tradition, of the perennial religious and civilization values, of the family and the state of normality that are severely affected by the deadly epidemic and apostate Modernity. He knows that in the struggle between God and Satan neutrality is an infamy. In this spiritual war that takes place in the soul of every man, but also at the geopolitical level, he made his own choice, which is a total, fully assumed and irreversible. Dugin is not confined to ephemeral opinions or preferences. He has firm convictions, which he can develop brilliantly in his books and speeches. That is why it is dangerous for liberal totalitarian system.

I would like to mention that I am the translator, editor and promoter of Dugin's books in the Republic of Moldova and Romania. I translated "The Fourth Political Theory", "The Theory of the Multipolar World," "Eurasian Mission," "International Relations," as well as many articles by this author, which we included in the anthology published in 2017 in Chisinau and in Bucharest "Eurasian Destiny". I have read many other books signed by Dugin. I would like to say that I am an old anti-Communist and anti-Soviet militant, and as a patriot of my country who detests any kind of foreign domination, I can confirm that Dugin is far from any idea of religious, cultural, civilization, racial or politico-military supremacy. 

"Washigton Post" listed the whole series of invectives against Dugin. Nothing new in this. They represent the propaganda tics of the servants of liberal globalism, who feel that their system of world domination is about to fall inevitably. The spring of the peoples engaged in the total battle for the restoration of national sovereignty becomes a global phenomenon that can no longer be stopped. And Dugin is one of the most vocal spiritual and ideological leaders who brings together intellectuals and political movements from whole continents engaged in the collective effort to regain the freedom stolen by this new type of extraterritorial imperialism. 

The work of this philosopher is full of admiration for all the civilizations, cultures, languages and religions of the world. His monumental work, "Noomahia," comprising more than twenty volumes, is an exceptional synthesis of the peoples' logos all over of the world. It elevates this scholar to the highest stage of science on man and society. To declare him a fascist, xenophobic, racist thinker who has so much admiration and respect for the ethno-cultural diversity of all peoples is not more than a stupid joke.

Returning to the denigratory article against Bannon, I would like to return to the reader's attention a quote from his speech launched on March 10, 2018 in front of the congress of the French National Front. In his speech, he showed his full support for populist, sovereignist, anti-system European parties:

“What I’ve learned is that you’re part of a worldwide movement, that is bigger than France, bigger than Italy, bigger than Hungary — bigger than all of it. And history is on our side,” he said. “The tide of history is with us, and it will compel us to victory after victory after victory.”

And continued: 

 “Let them call you racists. Let them call you xenophobes. Let them call you nativists”. In other words, Bannon's call for European patriots is not to be intimidated by the pernicious accusations of corporate media. Well, denigration and demonization of the opponents of international mafia like Soros network continues. And this is a sure sign that European populists are on the right track. This shows that Dugin and his followers everywhere are not just right, but also successful. 

Nearly a year ago, I published an article about Bannon's initiative to support European populist movements. (https://www.geopolitica.ru/en/article/movement-gravedigger-globalism-or-mission-american-steve-bannon-europe). Some of my foreign friends found my text too enthusiastic. Some European dissidents, of whom I have a special respect, have published critical articles on this initiative. I do not negate their arguments. I just want to say that as we all welcomed Trump's election, no matter how he later evolved, as we applauded Brexit, no matter what the later maneuvers was made, I looked with sympathy for Bannon's public statements. For the simple reason that all these phenomena are symptomatic and demonstrate that the wave of revolt against the current state of affairs is steadily increasing.

In conclusion I would like to repeat the following. I am proud to say publicly that I am a friend of Aleksandr Dugin. We are at the same side in this total spiritual, intlectual and political war against our common ennemies who are the enemies of all nations.  The Chisinau Forum, which is a joint initiative of dissident intellectuals from several countries, created in 2017 as a platform for discussion and development of geopolitical, economic and cultural alternative visions, has as its leader Dugin. For the simple reason that he is the most representative and respected among us. Of course, those who are afraid of the system's repression and do not take the risk of being with us can still remain in expectancy. It is the choice of those who prefer personal comfort and thus miss the direct participation in the great transformations of our time. 

As for myself, I remain with Dugin. 

Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, 22th April 2019