Geopolitical triangles in Asia

India-China-Japan / Australia-Indonesia-Malaysia : a new containment ?

Is the Pivot's policy of the new US administration a prelude to a new strategy of containment ? Or does it revives historical tensions between two major Asian powers, namely Japan and China ? Is the old slogan « Asia for Asians » an indication of the desire to exclude the US from the Eurasian continent ? Does it give credit to the Chinese idea of a new regional order ?It is asked whether the idea of Japan becoming closer to Asia and offering an outstretched hand to Beijing is called into question because of the sovereignty disputes over the Senkaku/Diaoyou that awaken nationalism in the region. Does the projections of major Asian maritime powers cause rivalries between India, China and Japan ? Does it explain a stronger presence of Australia, Indonesia and the ASEAN in the region? In this light, important dilemmas involve rising concerns among major countries of the Far East and South East Asia.

S.E.M. l'Ambassadeur Kojiro SHIOJIRI

Mission of Japan to the EU
S.E.M. l'Ambassadeur Arif Havas OEGROSENO

Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia to the Kingdom of Belgium, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the European Union
Monsieur Seamus GILLESPIE

Head of Division
Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand
European External Action Service
Monsieur David FOUQUET

Secrétaire Général
European Institute for Asian Studies
Spécialiste des relations euro-asiatiques
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